Ulrich Schnauss

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Critics like to call him the “mysterious” or “enigmatic” producer from Berlin.  The only thing that’s mysterious to me is why he’s not more popular. Continue


Tychonic Bliss

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This 2007 single from Tycho is a great introduction to his style.  Click on the album art to hear.  Fans of Boards of Canada, Telefon Tel Aviv, Isan or Four Tet will thoroughly enjoy.

Drumsolo’s Delight

•June 25, 2009 • 3 Comments

West coast multi-instrumentalist Paul Dickow is a busy musician.  When not running his Community Library label or playing in three-piece Nudge, he has time to record and perform his own brand of busy music as Strategy.

I made a post about his latest album, Future Rock (Kranky; 2009), below and linked to Pitchfork who streams it.  If you’ve listened to one but not the other, I strongly recommend doing so as they’re quite different.

As for Drumsolo’s Delight (Kranky; 2004), it is an album that haunts you. When I first listened to it, after sorting through an enormous list of IDM recommendations, slightly irritated and tired Continue reading

They Know What Ghost Know

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Not too long ago, it was still normal to be surprised at the amount of noise one musician could make.  “Wow, I can’t believe it’s just one guy!” to “Yeah, ______ are great!” “You mean is great, right?” were just some of the things said in this regard.

No longer.  Even before he formed a band, Joe Corrales already sounded like one. His debut release You Are Beautiful at All Times (Ninja Tune/Iris; 2006) made this very clear on stand-out tracks, “Again With the Subtitles“, “I’ll Hit the Breaks” and “It’s Not the Same“.

Corrales then brought together a band to perform Yppah’s material live.  This might lead one to think that he now had a mind to creating music meant for multiple musicians, but no. Continue reading

Crying Over Pros For No Reason

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For me, the best part of glitch-hop is the name.  Seriously, ‘glitch-hop’..just say that a few times.  Of all the plays on ‘hip-hop’ (drip-hop, skip-hop, trip-hop), glitch is my favourite.  Besides kickass nomenclature, glitch-hop is also worth your time because of its quickly growing pool of dedicated and talented artists.  More importantly, by getting into this specialized form of glitch, you will be exposed to the many other sub-categories (at least four other types to get your glitch on).

In 2004, Edward Ma a.k.a edIT (formerly known as ‘The Con Artist’) released his first solo album, Crying Over Pros for No Reason, on Planet Mu.  Coming out almost exactly a year after Continue reading

Fyris Swan’s one-way ticket

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Australian masters of dramatically understated cool, Solo Andata, stun on this LP.  Check it out below or purchase it here.  Also, they have some new material coming out.. which is exciting in an understated, lazy Sunday kind of way. Continue

Outroducing Eric Sieker

•June 24, 2009 • 1 Comment

Eric Sieker is a good friend of mine who makes music in his apartment. You should check him out if you’re into acoustically-influenced electronica, spacey wonderland pop music, Yo La Tengo or Brian Wilson. More