If I ever release a jazz album, this will be the cover.

If I ever release a jazz album, this will be the cover.

Hello, I’m Jean.  Welcome to my blog.

My hope is to connect fans of IDM/downtempo/trip-hop/ambient electronica to excellent sources for that music.  I don’t plan on reviewing exclusively contemporary material.  My focus will be on releases from the past 20 years that seem to echo in this nebulous group of genres.

Most posts have pictures that link to the music being discussed for your pleasure and utility.  I post both full reviews and quick samples of new albums and/or material to be reviewed in the future.  All reviews are titled by album.

All views expressed in these reviews are those of the author.  All links provided are purely in service to readership’s further discovery of music and do not offer any downloadable content.  This website is not affiliated with any label, artist, promotional agency, or company. If you have due reason for any information or images on this website to be removed or altered, please contact: jeanbeesen@gmail.com


2 Responses to “About”

  1. Hi Jean, Cool blog you have :)

    Although I dont understand the most since I’m not from your region nor I hear any Jazz. I love MJ though :)

    If you release an album do let me know :) I wish you good luck


  2. Brilliantly done! Quite a passion you have for this music. And you heve a developing skill as a critique of music. Indeed I am quite
    proud of you. Though I don’t recognize you in the picture of yourself that you have posted!

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