Some Things Never Change

Perhaps because of its relatively recent release, Sebastian Taylor’s material as Hibernation cannot be found on allmusic…or Pitchfork. As its namesake suggests, this music is not out galavanting, eager to find its friends; rather, it subsists in a cavernous realm- perhaps once a room- percolating, contemplating, and marinading. As grim as that sounds, I do not mean to portray this as a bad thing.  It’s a wonderful cavern with downtempo rugs, stylishly glitched wallpaper, a nice, ambient chaise lounge, dub step floorboards, and an IDM aroma to it all.  I don’t know about you, but I’ve always wanted to listen to music somewhere like that.

I didn’t think I’d find it so soon.  Hibernation’s Some Things Never Change (Aleph Zero; 2008) is the seventy-five minute and fourteen second soundtrack to a life confined, expressing both its elegance and its indulgent claustrophobia.  On tracks like “Lazy Radio” (linked to in the photo above), eerily looped TV disturbance, claps, and something to the effect of a gong lull you in until you’re hit with one of the grooviest, sexiest, head-bobbing bass lines in recent memory.  If that could be considered downtempo (and it could) then the following track “Empty Cities” is a xenophobic insomniac on vicodin.  “Glitch Police” bears an uncanny resemblance to Funki Porcini’s Hed Phone Sex, though it is, if possible, sleazier.  Sounding like a ray of hope, “Beautiful Sky” belies any such notions with its sinister drum n’ bass, an eerie, hollowed-out sample of a Japanese woman’s thoughts and echoing ambient synths.

There could be a slight slump in the second half of the album, but it might have just been the feeling of being consumed and hypnotized.  Tracks such as “Some Things Will Never Change” and “The Art of Living & Dying” do make you feel a bit like a zombie.

But it would seem this was the method of the album all along: to detail the various modes and moods of the inner-dweller- some volatile, others ever-stagnant.  Most of all, it wants you to come in if you’re O.K. with getting too comfortable.

Listen to individual tracks from the album at the image link below



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