They Know What Ghost Know

Not too long ago, it was still normal to be surprised at the amount of noise one musician could make.  “Wow, I can’t believe it’s just one guy!” to “Yeah, ______ are great!” “You mean is great, right?” were just some of the things said in this regard.

No longer.  Even before he formed a band, Joe Corrales already sounded like one. His debut release You Are Beautiful at All Times (Ninja Tune/Iris; 2006) made this very clear on stand-out tracks, “Again With the Subtitles“, “I’ll Hit the Breaks” and “It’s Not the Same“.

Corrales then brought together a band to perform Yppah’s material live.  This might lead one to think that he now had a mind to creating music meant for multiple musicians, but no.  On They Know What Ghost Know (Ninja Tune/Iris; 2009), there are no dramatic changes.  That brand of energetic, rock-infused dancetronica is still there.  Yet, overall, the album feels more nostalgic and reminiscent, conjuring up the kind of memories that indeed ghosts might know.  Bit of a stretch there?  Perhaps.  But at 1 minute 33, on the eponymous track, all of a sudden I felt like I was in the recording studio during White Light/White Heat.  And then, whether it was the backward-looped boy’s voice sample, the evocative title or the high-octave, child-like piano melody, “Gumball Machine Weekend” projected like a glimmer from the past.  “City Glow” and “Sun Flower Sun Kissed” are both furious and beautiful and sound like what My Bloody Valentine might have if Kevin Shields wasn’t a perfectionist or had been more into percussive progression.

A solid album and well-worth it if you’re a fan of Ratatat, Chemical Brothers, Mice Parade or M83.  Also well-worth it if you like things that sound good.

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~ by baseclef on June 24, 2009.

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