“It’s like I was stuck in an arcade game, on vacation, tripping on acid.. but then it got weird.” – Someone

I would love to know how many people at this moment are aware of Bruce Haack.  I don’t even mean knowing him, listening to him and enjoying his music.  I just mean aware.  Do people know music that sounds like this existed in 1978?  There are many moments and instances in history like this: who associates the 20’s with far-before-its-time modern architecture?  Who thinks about the highly-efficient and environmentally sound infrastructure of the Romans?  Did you know electric cars have been around longer than their combusting counterparts? It’s in the troughs of history; the unseen, unrepresented, and unstereotyped(sp?) of every era.  It is in such a locale that Bruce Haack’s oeuvre seems to exist.  On Haackula (Omni/IODA; 1978), he is as unexpected and bizarre as ever.  On opening track ‘Lie Back’, I felt the distinct sensation of walking into an arcade with a roll of quarters – like a kid in an electronic gaming store.  This, among the few, is one thing to be certain of: Haack’s music expresses his love of and fascination with childhood.  However any misconceptions that this is going to be a dinky kid’s record akin to a Rafi album are soon dashed, as the second track, ‘Blow Job’, makes you wonder why he is talking about blow jobs; but you don’t care because his analog synth beeps and boops, and electro-organs chug and churn and mesmerize you along with it. The album maintains a steady electro-groove-run-through-a-MIDI-amp feel throughout, and I believe this should be its celebrated success.  A lot of artists seem to sacrific continuity and cohesion for brave and untested material because they dont want to sound static.  But when you’re already as weird and left-of-field as Bruce Haack, you’re pretty much O.K. to have a unified and highly recognizable sound – hell, I now hear him in practically any electronica released post 1980. But I think I finally heard the album the right way yesterday.  As I was listening to track four, ‘Play me your album’, it hit me; all you have to do is re-arrange the songs!  It’s as easy as that kids!  Here we go:

Invocation: Play me your album, Icarus; lie back, mankind.. party machine-sun sukd blow job.  Tit for tat, death machine




~ by baseclef on June 23, 2009.

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